See all users

  • Begging with a GET request with this URL :


  • If you have "Status: 200 OK", the query succeded.

If you are an admin, you will be able to see all the users you administate. In this case, I can only see my username because I'm not log in as administator account.

Informations of one user

In this exemple, we want the informations of user named "oxe18002"

  • Make a GET request with


  • If you have "Status: 200 OK", the query succeded.

With this query, you will be able to find a phone number for exemple, it's very useful.

Make a Call

For the example, we are the user with the number 19140, and we will call the number 19141.

  • Let's start by taking a POST method with the URL and fill in the Header with the key "Content-Type" which has for value "application/json".


  • In the Body, we will fill it in this way, again with the raw format and JSON enabled.


  • If you have the "Status: 201 Created", the query succeded.

Good job ! You're now able to hack the NASA !